Some of what we might cover in a conversation as we explore the possibility of our working together  (Contact Form below )
For Individual Therapy:
what are your Concerns about starting  therapy ?
Are you looking to invest in a finite number of sessions, or a long term therapeutic relationship?
Are you more present focused, or do you want to explore your past?
What therapy has worked, or not worked in the past?

Are you committed to the process?
​I will assign Therapy homework which helps the process of therapy. What are your thoughts about therapy homework?

For group process:
Do you connect with the group theme?
Do your goals match the goals  for group?
What are the reasons why this group might not be a good fit?
We will discuss how this group might benefit you. 
I will describe purpose, goals and homework of group.
Identify time and date of group.
​Explore any concerns about being in a group.
We might problem solve any barriers (transportation, money)
Reconfirm commitment to attend session, whether individual or group.
Review date and time when you will start.

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Providence, Rhode Island
United States of America
Tel.: 401-824-4042
Fax: 508-276-0185
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                          FORMS to bring to your first Session

                         UPDATED Dec 28,2018

   Please click on Forms for Signature to read about my policies. The documents include important information about your confidentiality, about your rights as a client, about my social media policy and about my treatment philosophy. If you have questions after reading these forms, please bring them up when we meet.
​Please bring the signed Acknowlegement of Notifications, the Client Information Form and if you are interested in working with your body, the Body  Waiver Form, to our first session.

forms for signature